Gideon Schwartzman
A Few Thin Things

Gideon Schwartzman is an Architectural Designer and is currently a Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.  Gideon received his Master of Architecture with distinction from the University of Michigan and his SMarchS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While at MIT, Gideon received the institute wide Marvin E. Goody Award for his thesis Many Mini Model Homes and the Louis C. Rosenberg Travel Fellowship to study Hundertwasser in
Western Europe.

Gideon has been published in Dimensions, Plat, Fresh Meat Journa, and Pool with writings ranging from pop reference to the consequences of material abstraction. His work has also been exhibited at the Sao Paulo Biennale, the A+D museum in Los Angeles, the Museum of Contemporary art in Detroit, and the Durker design gallery at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Gideon has previously held teaching appointments at the Illinois Institute of Technology and The School of Architecture (Taliesin). Prior to teaching, Gideon worked professionally for Johnston Marklee in Los Angeles, the Critical Broadcasting Lab at MIT, Howeler and Yoon in Boston, and Dirk Denison Architects in Chicago.