Gideon Schwartzman
A Few Thin Things

How To CMU

    Above you can learn how to CMU. If you follow the instructions (carefully) you may just end up with your own CMU brick. I however have zero CMU bricks, only a digital one. I could have made one but it seems too painstaking of a process. Instead I “modeled” one on the computer. But now that I have one made, I can keep making them and copying them in an array to form a wall, a house, or even a warehouse!

    Creating this brick, to me, proves the slipperiness that exists today between physical and digital modeling. With endless downloadable content available at the click of a button authorship of minute details have vanished from practice. Insert shadow figures here cad blocks there and voila! You’re drawing is populated. Possibly acting against the grain, this scene consists of all negligible content – yet they are all designed so that you can produce the same.