Gideon Schwartzman
A Few Thin Things

Object Image

Half of the images on this page are real, photographs, and the other half are computer produced representations, renderings. In architectural practice, representation plays a large role in both conveying intention and depicting reality. Architects often photograph the result and cross compare the finished product with the initial imagery produced for the product. The fidelity, or degree to which the representation meets reality, establishes an architectural voice of authority. “Look at how I was able to execute my designs!”

In the 1980’s, the Cornell box was created as a tool in the research and duplication of rendering engines. It was a test that visualists used in discerning the accuracy of a rendered scene. This was done by creating a constant environment: a red side, a green side, and a single light source to illuminate the box. Drawing inspiration from the Cornell, the boxes presented below imitate the test. Rendered Reality.